I just learned that hard way that the androidNativ...
# kotlin-native
I just learned that hard way that the androidNativeArm32 source set does not actually mean that the device has a 32 bit processor. It means that the device uses the armeabi-v7a ABI. Some older or cheap devices have a 64 bit CPU, but use the armeabi-v7a ABI, so they will use the androidNativeArm32 source set, not the androidNativeArm64 source set.
Would it make sense to name the source set to make this clear or implement an alias?
I'm not sure what's unclear here the most common case of this is the Raspberry Pi, but while only the 32-bit OS was supported initially, nowadays both 32-bit and 64-bit OSes are available you need to know what the target platform is, there isn't really any way to avoid that