# kotlin-native


04/08/2022, 2:04 AM
Today the experimental memory model has been used along with Kotlin 1.6.20 (previously Kotlin 1.4.31 was used) in production with a custom backend service (Linux Daemon). Reserved RAM usage has increased from around 9.8 MB to around 17 MB. Release binary size has slightly decreased from 4.2 MB to 4.1 MB. I'm guessing that the increase in RAM usage comes down to a full GC being used instead of the partial GC used by the old memory model. It should be noted that only changes were made to the build side of the code base (incl build configuration).
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Reserved RAM usage after running the program for over 5 days has increased to around 29.3 MB, which is nearly a 3X increase from the RAM usage when K/N's old memory model was used 🩹.