did anyone manage to compile a Kotlin Native proje...
# kotlin-native
did anyone manage to compile a Kotlin Native project for linux in a docker container? in my case, the build just keeps failing currently, the error looks like "idunno, something didnt work" to me, so I have no idea how to even approach this
Do you have gzip installed? Try untaring a gzipped
file, it will probably reproduce the error
I would think it's included by default but without knowing your container who knows
https://manpages.debian.org/stable/tar/tar.1.en.html says
2 Fatal error. This means that some fatal, unrecoverable error occurred.
which isn't super helpful, but aside from gzip missing it's hard to imagine much else it could be
or maybe your container image uses some other tar implementation. tar is not really a unified format, https://www.gnu.org/software/tar/manual/html_node/Standard.html looks like that particular tarball has GNU extensions, and I suppose it's possible that if your container uses some other implementation it might fail? (harder to imagine what that could be, because bsdtar and busybox tar should support GNU extensions, and I don't see a good reason why your container image would use anything more esoteric than that)
installing gzip as well did indeed resolve the issue, thanks!