i have a set of ported C testcases for linux which...
# kotlin-native
i have a set of ported C testcases for linux which have been built as gradle
binaries{executable {...}}
and I found the legend in the Multiplatform doc that says
will perform a "test executable". Has anyone used this? That seems to be where the documentation trail drops off a steep cliff. so what i did was to
said kt files from
, though i've noticed the results are not supported in intellij gradle dialog to say the very least. When gradle runs testallLinuxX64 it doesn't appear to know or mind not knowing where the native test executables are and how to run them, but it completes successfully. when a given entry of the test executables is linked, they link do consume some cpu fan and cycles. How does one run "test executables" from gradle?
"test executable" appears in c++ compilation docs but is still elusive in details. compilations["test"] supports the file relocation from main/ to test/ roots. the "run" targets return to intellij. presumably the test obj cade will be absent from the shared library link.
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test_bins.values().forEach {
                    listOf(DEBUG/*, RELEASE*/)) {     // Build a binary on the basis of the test compilation.
                    compilation = compilations["test"]
                    baseName = it.name;
                    this.debuggable = true
                    entryPoint = "test.$it.main"