What does this function `RUNTIME_NOTHROW void Kotl...
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What does this function
RUNTIME_NOTHROW void Kotlin_initRuntimeIfNeeded()
do? This function is in
. 1. I found it got called all the time when trying to run my iOSApp, then I got a runtime exception when it ran into
InitOrDeinitGlobalVariables(INIT_GLOBALS, result->memoryState);
. It looks like the runtime environment had not fully created at that point, and it has already called OC bridge function, then caused an exception. 2. I also found another problem when using k/n. Top-level properties declared in kotlin will always return null when running iOSApp. I made it a top-level function and it worked. This problem also happened when KN was running into
. 3. btw, debug shared.framework and k/n lib with disasm showed in lldb is tough. Is there any way to debug k/n from source when running iOSApp? Does anyone has any idea here?
Is this with the new memory model or old?
kotlin version is 1.5.31
So what
does is just to actually start/init the called library on the current thread if it already is not. So it is a way to make sure you can access certain runtimes when doing threaded work
If you want to debug with xcode and not intellij https://github.com/touchlab/xcode-kotlin has some integration for that
Thx, is there any way to track code into jetbrain’s K/N source code when debugging iOSApp?
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I think 2. could be fixed if you use 1.6.0 or higher, top level properties initialization logic was changed. 1. might be a bug, but I'd also try with latest Kotlin version before filing an issue.
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Well, 2 was first found when using Kotlin 1.6.0 :-), I also tried 1.6.20-dev5891 and 1.5.31, it also happened