~I recently update to IDEA 2021.3 - my bundles Kot...
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I recently update to IDEA 2021.3 - my bundles Kotlin Plugin shows as
Shouldn't it be
? =/
No updates offered from IDEA. Looking at the #intellij channel, it seems like it 2021.3 does not support the most recent Kotlin plugin. As much as I love Jetbrains, the update-experience of IDEA has been a total trainwreck every time, and this time is no different. Starting to loose my motivation for the Kotlin/Native experiment here… <.< I'll start fresh tomorrow.
Just stick with 1.5.32 for now
1.5.10 is what I can use right now. And I am not getting past that request to use the 10y old ncurses libraray on my current hello-world project. I got a little too frustrated here and will continue tomorrow. <.< (still thanks for the help!)
I had same issues on ubuntu and solved it with that ln -s trick
I would be worries if I were to link 5 -> 6, but the other way around is less risky.
I do agree that this is serious issue with K/N tooling though
Build #IC-213.5744.223, built on November 27, 2021 o.O
@Draget - What error messages appear when building the project?
I am assuming that a custom build version of ncurses is being used. Was the
option used when building ncurses (can affect linking)? Below is the documentation for the option:
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	If you are installing ncurses on a system which contains another
	development version of curses, or which could be confused by the loader
	for another version, we recommend that you leave out the link to
	-lcurses.  The ncurses library is always available as -lncurses.
	Disabling overwrite also causes the ncurses header files to be
	installed into a subdirectory, e.g., /usr/local/include/ncurses,
	rather than the include directory.  This makes it simpler to avoid
	compile-time conflicts with other versions of curses.h
From memory disabling overwrite resolves a linking issue (if using the dynamic library file) on Ubuntu, and other Linux distributions that use Ubuntu as a base (eg Linux Mint). Apparently overwrite has to be enabled (is a default build option for ncurses) when using the static library file.