Has anyone shared a module that uses kotlinx.seria...
# kotlin-native
Has anyone shared a module that uses kotlinx.serialization to iOS? Even if I use implementation() in my build.gradle, it still exposes Decoder on my header file, like so:
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@protocol CommonDecoder
 (BOOL)decodeBoolean __attribute__((swift_name("decodeBoolean()")));
- (int8_t)decodeByte __attribute__((swift_name("decodeByte()")));
- (unichar)decodeChar __attribute__((swift_name("decodeChar()")));
- (double)decodeDouble __attribute__((swift_name("decodeDouble()")));
this causes import issues with Swift.Decoder and Swift.Encoder. How can I change the swift_name of this class that I dont own?
Wanna create a YouTrack issue? I know you've been facing this for a while and haven't found any answer on slack communities yet.
Good idea, will do 🙏 Sadly this conflict is bothering lead engineers of my company and I feel responsible for this. Filled here https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/KT-49009, thanks for the suggestion!