What might that mean? `/Users/teamcity3/buildAgent...
# kotlin-native
What might that mean?
/Users/teamcity3/buildAgent/work/290aee0e088a1666/runtime/src/main/cpp/ObjCExport.mm:276: runtime assert: Unexpected selector clash
My app crashes with this error when something like this is invoked from swift code
. What is also funny here, is that usually when I try to navigate to a kotlin method in xcode, it takes me to the shared.h file which is barely legible obj-c gibberish. But when I navigate from this particular method which crashes, it takes me to some Swift file (but is still definitely what I have defined in kotlin):
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public class LibraryManager : KotlinBase {
    open func observeDownloadErrors() -> KoruFlowWrapper<SomeKotlinException>
Oh, apparently you can't do this ­čĄĚ
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extension SomeKotlinException {
    open override var message: String {
if anyone knows why it doesn't work, please let me know ­čÖé