Hello mates, while using Kotlin Multiplatform I ca...
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Hello mates, while using Kotlin Multiplatform I came across a following issue in Swift. In kotlin we have awesome feature like
type, I was trynna use it with generics in entity like
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sealed interface Either<out TLeft, out TRight> {
    class Failure<T>(...) : Either<T, Nothing>
    class Success<T>(...) : Result<Nothing, T>
This is cool approach in Kotlin and everything works fine:
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val result: Either<Entity, Error> = result as Success<Entity>
BUT in swift I can't do stuff like this:
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guard let result: Either<Entity, Error> = result as? Success<Entity> else { return }
This will break at runtime, since swift generics aren't erased, and it won't pass type check (
). Any ideas how to workaround it? cc @alex009
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The real example is slightly different and you can check it here: https://github.com/icerockdev/moko-mvvm/pull/152