Has someone managed to run all K/N shared code (e....
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Has someone managed to run all K/N shared code (e.g. view models, including initialization) not in main UI thread?
yes, but then you can not have any mutable fields it, unless they are AtomicRef or something similar. I’d not recommend this approach
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Yes, but as mentioned above, it only works well when you can avoid mutability. This means, generally speaking, architectures or codebases built around FRP/Flow and immutable data classes are the only ones that can thrive well under K/N's restrictions, in the context of multithreading.
In our case, we do run serialization*, networking**, WebSocket** and a vast majority of database transactions on background threads. Database queries (SQLDelight) are concurrently performed to fuel both UI and business logic across all threads. All managed using Kotlin Coroutines (native-mt). (* Kotlin Serialization and Apollo) (** Ktor and Apollo are main-thread bound blackboxes. So DIY for full control.)