Hello everyone! I’m Artyom, Support Engineer for ...
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Hello everyone! I’m Artyom, Support Engineer for the Kotlin/Native team. We’ve been talking about using Kotlin for native targets with you for some time, and now I would like your help. I’m performing a small research project on the Kotlin/Native’s Linux x86-64 target state. At this stage, I want to collect some data about its use and how common it is compared to other targets.  If you’re targeting desktop Linux with Kotlin/Native and would like to participate in an interview (video or audio) about ~30 minutes long, please contact me. Write me a DM, or use the 🙋 reaction below.
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Finally, an interview for me!
Looking at maven central, there are 210 libs supporting linuxX64 vs 254 macosX64 & 191 mingwX64 & 277 iosX64 I think it's fair to say that it's fairly popular, not too far behind ios (which I find surprising!)
P.S. Does kotlin support linuxX86? There are no linux_x86 libs on maven central whatsoever!
It does not, only amd64. Which makes sense, there isn't really much of a use case for supporting x86 on Linux desktop
Phew, thought I was going nuts 😁
Those lib counts can be misleading without usage statistics. For example, Multiplatform Settings publishes interfaces to LinuxX64 but no implementation, so it'll probably show up in your 210 libs supporting LinuxX64 but nobody's actually using it. There were 52 downloads of
in feburary and 2524 downloads of
I don't think K/N is being used for production Linux desktop apps nearly as often as it's being used for production iOS or Android apps, but I imagine that's partially because of the huge marketing push that JetBrains have done with KMM
Indeed. Also on my stats above, "lib" is more of an "artifact". Meaning that if a single lib (kodeing for example) has multiple MPP modules (core, types-erased, JSR...), each one of those MPP module will be a +1 to the total count.
I mean I've made a desktop Linux app, but I also didn't use any Kotlin libraries for it outside of the standard library, just C interop (though I do use kotlinx-cli for part of it)
Also those are just libs. There can be a single lib, but if thousands of projects are built on it, then that platform would be "popular" regardless.
It's Linux_arm32Hfp which interests me more - Pi, anyone?
Is it possible to expand the research to cover use cases of the linuxX64 target beyond desktop development (IoT, server etc)?
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cc @Clocks
Oh boi I have been called out, I'm ava for an interview
The major issue I see is lack of marketing for Linux. And that's because there is a lack of Linux libraries that speed up development of creating an application in the first place.