Dmitry Kandalov

04/20/2018, 9:30 AM
Hello. I've seen at few conferences slots dedicated to lightning talks (i.e. a 5 minute talk on any topic by anyone attending the conference). It would be great to have lightning talks at kotlinconf because they are usually a lot of fun and create a sense of community.
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04/20/2018, 10:35 AM
We had a JVM Meetup Group in Leeds, UK last night with 8 lightning talks by some great speakers. Given the fact that this meetup group covers all JVM languages it was surprising & pleasing that 4 of the 8 speakers were using Kotlin & 3 of them were using it for server-side dev. Time to catch the Kotlin wave 🏄
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04/22/2018, 6:13 PM
@andyb cool..personally, i would like to see a little bit more adoption for kotlin on server side. I really had hard time pushing kotlin for developing backend apps at my company. All kotlin discussions at my company are happening around android app dev.


04/22/2018, 6:22 PM
I think it is coming. We have a couple of large companies who are adopting it as their language of choice for server-side dev. The work that the guys at Pivotal have done it integrate Spring & Kotlin is v impressive (thanks @sdeleuze et al). A lot of the code patterns look v functional, using
conditions instead of
if ... else ...
& coupled with #arrow as well means that it's similar to scala but with better Java inter-op and a shorter learning curve.
I know that they have submitted at least 1 talk to #kotlinconf so hope that gets accepted to spread the word.
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04/23/2018, 2:45 PM
If there was a "give a 5 minute demo of your server-side Kotlin application" talk, I would attend and demo.


04/23/2018, 2:48 PM
I have got a longer presentation which I gave a while back but it's not a lightening talk: