06/19/2020, 2:05 PM
Hello friends i am russian howswife 40 years old searchind ODS people from russia who knows I am nube and do not know IT can i find such them here?


06/19/2020, 3:29 PM
What does it have to do with kotlin? There is a #russian chat if you are struggling with the language.


06/19/2020, 4:43 PM
no it is not question about lang. I need spesialist in ODS. I represent a group of mothers convicted of drug trafficking. Unfortunately, our drug trafficking is designed so that the police do not catch the organizers, but the most grassroots so-called hostages. Organizers of drug trafficking use our children by attracting them with high but illegal earnings, deceiving that they will either escape punishment or receive a suspended sentence without imprisonment. But this is not so. Children receive 6-8-12 years, and the organizers are free.The main recruitment of children in our country now takes place in telegrams. We have repeatedly written in support of telegrams to stop the drug trade in their messenger. But we did not receive any answer. Nevertheless, telegram is effectively fighting terrorism. A friend of mine said that "If there are channels directly verified by people with drug dealers, you can make a competition among datasaentists on for recognizing the correspondence of drug dealers. Then you can automatically classify the contents of arbitrary channels and automatically write complaints. Contact and the ods channel in slack there many Russian datasaentists. " So i need to find russian datasaentist to help.
sorry for translation it is google translate. Please help us i do not understand how to find russian datascinetist and of course i can not understand how to use
we have bought database with drugs chats but we do not know what to do((


06/22/2020, 9:33 AM
you are in the wrong slack… has a link to the ods slack


06/23/2020, 2:10 PM
in is question Tell us about yourself * Describe your path, accomplishments and achievements in the field of data science and AI? Attach the links to your projects if you have any. Why should the community be interested in you?" i described but nobody answered((