08/12/2021, 8:43 AM
Hi, I'm getting a bit crazy here, any clue at what can go wrong ? (yep already invalidated caches) In a file got this contract route:
private val bodyTokenResponseLens =<TokenResponse>().toLens()

    fun createTokenRoute(): ContractRoute = "/token" meta {
        returning(OK, bodyTokenResponseLens to TokenResponse("A", "B", 1800))
    } bindContract <http://Method.POST|Method.POST> to createTokenHandler2()
    private fun createTokenHandler2(): HttpHandler = { req -> Response(OK) }
try to use it in with a openApi3 render I get a
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
	at org.http4k.contract.RouteMetaDsl.returningStatus(routeMeta.kt:85)
	at org.http4k.contract.RouteMetaDsl.returningStatus$default(routeMeta.kt:83)
If i comment the return line is all OK, if it take the code and move it in test class it runs...
adding a brakpoint in
fun <T> returning(status: Status, body: Pair<BiDiBodyLens<T>, T>, description: String? = null, definitionId: String? = null) {
        ?: status.description, Response(status).with(body.first of body.second), definitionId, body.second))
i see that the body is Pair(null, object)
Ok I'm dumb... the lens is declared after after another var I was using lisiting the routes
private val contractRoutes = listOf(
I think is not the first time I got screwed by this.... maybe this time I won't forget it 😄