Well, we promised a bit more JetBrains'y /http4k g...
# http4k
Well, we promised a bit more JetBrains'y /http4k goodness and here it is. In the new episode of Talking Kotlin, we chat with the JB guys about the what, the why and the how of http4k.


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For a second the thought of one (or both) joing Ktor team (saw a job offer not long ago), crossed my mind, and let me in two minds: sad for http4k, and hopes for a better ktor. happy is not that.
just listened to the podcast version of the Talking Kotlin episode earlier today. You mentioned at the end being interested in hearing that people were using it. http4k is easily my favorite http library. I've been using it at my job since mid-2019 and have used it on 3 teams at my employer to create simple endpoints where a single box can serve ~30k/requests/second and I've had a production cluster hit 500k/requests/second. It's great for everything from quick health-check endpoints on kafka streaming microservices to serving up very high volume traffic. Thanks for creating my favorite library!
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Same, easily my fav library.
Just want to say, I love this library as well.
I also think http4k is my favourite HTTP library. Certainly the best one in Kotlin. The only thing that comes close for me is Ring/Compojure and sadly I’m not doing Clojure right now.
Sadly we’re not using it at work yet but I showed a couple of your demos from last week’s webinar to the whole engineering team last week. Sadly the focus was more on GraalVM than on HTTP4K but I’ll find a way to work that in.
there are a bunch more videos available in the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVbGEDp7CfroNQGLhBdgqg8TGTX1GeXZ1 .. but the main conceptual one is possibly the talk we did at KotlinConf 2018
I also liked that one: