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08/13/2020, 11:47 AM
Hi everyone. JTLYK that (as promised) the first 2 parts of the http4k 2020 masterplan are now in place. We'll be announcing this stuff more formally in due course, but thought we'd give you all a sneak peek... 🙃 Firstly, we've done a complete rebrand of the website. Please check it out and DM us with any feedback (good or bad!). Next, the http4k Toolbox CLI is also now available for installation through SDKman! and Brew, allowing you to: 1. Generate a custom ZIP with entire project contents, including build tooling and packaging 2. Generate http4k Servers, Clients and Models from an OpenAPI V2/3 specification 3. Generate Model Data Classes from JSON/YAML/XML documents. Installation instructions can be found here: More good stuff coming soon, including a website version of the Toolbox and the next major release (v4), where we'll be doing a bit of a spring clean on the codebase. We're also looking at ways of packaging educational content on the site, maybe screencasts or training etc. One final thing, we'd like to collect examples of success stories using http4k in the wild. If you're on a project or at a company who is using the library and would like to be featured, please let us know!
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Cosmin Victor Celea

08/13/2020, 12:01 PM
awesome work 🏆
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Simon Casey

08/13/2020, 12:06 PM
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