not an http4k bug per se but something to consider...
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not an http4k bug per se but something to consider when building executable jars with Jetty in http4k
agree 100%. this is definitely not an issue with the library but with the way shadow jar works itself. Considering I couldn’t find any definitve guide on packaging and deploy artefacts in http4k docs similar to how ktor has it here:, I thought it might be worth posting 🙂
Agreed - in fact that’s a really good idea - I think we could wholesale appropriate that and add it to the site. 🙃
on the whole we try to stay away from documenting "the outside", but this might be worth adding.
I agree on not always documenting the outside since over time it tends to muddy the core documentation but having some idiomatic ways to deploy http4k nano apps, imho well worth the effort and I would be more than happy to lend a hand!
👍 for that ktor deployment guide, I referred to it quite a bit my first time deploying