Has anyone seen this before and know what I'm doin...
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Has anyone seen this before and know what I'm doing wrong here? Happy to provide a reproducible example
file if it's useful.
It could be that your Shadow jar is missing the mime.types file from the core JAR
There are options you can send to shadow to merge the jars
Thank you! Looks like I needed to add
inside of my
shadowJar { ... }
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I had the same problem (came here for that) will check if the solution works for me
also works for me. is this somewhere documented? i was unable to find solutions in the net. would be great to have a gradle guide on the http4k site. i mean its great documentation so this is missing maybe? or what are you guys using for packaging
Sure, we can stick it into the faq, and I'll see if I can improve the error. TBH it is a pretty common problem with shadow jarring any app.
By default we tend to use the gradle application plugin, or more recently use Google Jib for K8S
Jib looks like a really nice way to structure things. Having a "preferred" way to deploy http4k applications would be great.
Its a very clever idea (and simple really) - by spitting external dependencies into separate layers you can leverage really small download times for deployments/new pods as generally your app code is only a few kB of layer. Definitely worth checking out.
But of course that only works for K8s and similar - CF and heroku mostly use standard distribution zips afaik
Tweaked the message. Anyone with this problem will receive this message now in the stack:
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Could not find 'myfile.txt' inside META-INF. If using Shadow JAR, add mergeServiceFiles() to the configuration
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