<@U8CB137Q8> looks more like it :slightly_smiling_...
# http4k
@fredrik.nordin looks more like it 🙂 . it's obviously missing the request counter - not sure if you want to put that in as well if you're there? Also, I'm torn as to if to have MetricsFilters object, or to make the Filter creation methods extension methods on ServerFilters and ClientFilters (respectively). Raise the PR and I'll have a mull over that. 🙂
Oh interesting idea! I'll have a look at that too and see if I can get an example in there of both. Sounds like extension methods would be good, as that's what people would be most used to, I guess
The resilience filters have their own object though, which is what I used as an example. Not a reason not to do something new in a better way 😄
yeah - we're probably inconsistent!
@fredrik.nordin Ideally, yes - however we've found that intellij doesn't always find the extension methods (or at least auto-import them), which makes discovery more difficult.