Wrote an article talking about the lint rules that...
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Wrote an article talking about the lint rules that Compose ships with by default and where to even find these lint rules. Finally, I talk about how you can update the severity of some of the default rules if it makes sense for your codebase. Read here - https://www.jetpackcompose.app/articles/which-lint-rules-does-jetpack-compose-ship-with
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WouldnÔÇÖt it be nice if there was a consolidated list of all Lint rules that are being exposed by Compose?
This is a fair point, it should probably be exposed more closely to the Compose docs as well as on the Android lint documentation. Out of curiosity, did you try looking / where would you have expected to find this sort of information?
Could be even better to have a list that also have open sources rules coming (and not just google).
@Louis Pullen-Freilich [G] I did a simple Google search and then also looked in Android Code Search (where I did find hits but with a lot of noise in the results). Eventually, the tip by Tor Norbye seems like the best place to find this information however I think very few people know about its existence. That was the sole reason to write this article tbh ­čśů I was blown away to even learn something like this existed
@Gr├ęgory Lureau Yeah for sure I think that would be valuable! I might or might not have something to share real soon ­čśë
@Vinay Gaba I thought about doing it some months ago and stopped, I'll stay tuned!
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