Not that it's a bad thing anyway, but is there a s...
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Not that it's a bad thing anyway, but is there a specific reason to define the Components as an interface first? There is only every one implementation as far as I can figure, nothing platform specific ever, so the interface will always map to the implementation one to one
Good question! There is no specific reason, you can avoid interfaces if you don't need them. But there are at least two use cases for component interfaces: 1. Test/fake implementations in integration tests 2. Fake implementations for Compose/SwiftUi previews
oh the SwiftUI previews is a great use case
that has been really annoying so far
I find it's good to provide default definitions for the interface methods because of previews. That way you just need to pass in object: MyLogic and you only need to override the state.
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When testing, if I need to make sure a method gets called, I can pass in an object that overrides that method and sets a boolean or counter.