Is it possible to make the same with Jetpack compo...
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Is it possible to make the same with Jetpack compose ?
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yes, but... good luck 😂
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I guess yes, but you really really should not! This is not what a Floating Action Button was ever meant to be. It is really confusing…
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It might be a great way to learn animations but please do not ever release it as a library 😄
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I guess so but not every app needs to use the “Material” design language. This can be used in design where there is no concept of “floating action button”. I would welcome this as a cool library for those that can make use of it in their design language or at least as a cool example of Compose animations
Okay, but then it should not look anything like a FAB. Otherwise it is not a new design language, but a misused existing design language
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“FAB” is just a round button with shadow. It’s not that hard to accidentally look like FAB. I understand your argument (edit: and agree with it) but I still think that “_please do not ever release it as a library_” is a bit harsh
Sorry, I did not mean to be rude. What my intention was, to prevent this from getting traction and end up as a misused pattern. These concepts are quite opinionated and when they are used in ways they should not be, they create confusion, instead of making UIs more predictable and uniform
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Actually I have implemented something similar for Week 1 of AndroidDevChallenge, you can find the
useful:[…]java/com/example/androiddevchallenge/overview/WaveComposable.kt It was inspired by this Dribble:
Very possible
Yes it is.
Guess I was late with the “prevent this from getting traction” part 🙂