Hello :wave: I’m trying to develop a small POC to...
# multiplatform
Hello 👋 I’m trying to develop a small POC to prove KMP is a good candidate to have our own shared library between Android and iOS. This library have to embed
compiled for each architecture. This is the first time for me with KMP, I am not sure about the good way to deal with my current issue. I built my shared library in KMP with embedded WebRTC for Android. It works like a charm. On iOS, I tried to create a
with embedded WebRTC
. I can compile my iOS application with my own framework, and I can access to my library (like
). But… I can’t access to WebRTC directly (like
). 🤔 I tried several things, like transitive import, etc. but I didn’t find the good recipe ! 😂 If someone has any idea how to do that… 🙏