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06/30/2022, 12:53 PM
👋 G Since about a year, I am freelancing with focus on training and consulting specifically on Gradle. I was part of the team working on Gradle (at Gradle Inc.) before for several years. I have deep knowledge of and experience with (almost) all Gradle functionality and the latest patterns and best practices - both from “inside” and “outside”. Things I can help with for example: • One or multi-day trainings for teams on Gradle in general or on specific topics • 🧹 Cleanup/restructuring/modernising dated project structures (already on Gradle or migrating to Gradle) • Help with individual issues in a few consulting sessions I am open to discuss all kinds of arrangements, whatever helps you most. Longer gigs are possible as long as they are part-time. I usually do things remote (with lots of online collaboration), but I am open for on-site if it makes sense (e.g. for trainings) and if travel effort is reasonable (I am located in Hamburg, Germany). More info: • 👉🎞️ to ‘meet’ me, you can go to my YouTube channel about Gradle: I would also appreciate if you share this with folks you know that could be interested. Thanks. 🙏
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