Not a question, but just wanted to share this, sor...
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Not a question, but just wanted to share this, sorry for spam. It started with this message, it continued with 223 more messages from me in this channel and working on it on and off as time allowed. But this diff in our project seems to be our successful 2 -> 3 Apollo migration 😄 Thanks for helping me so much over here, there’s so much I’ve learned about Apollo in this process, coming from barely understanding any of it. I am just so glad this channel exists, it made this process so much fun tbh apollo K
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And of course it’s not done, I still want to move away from models_compat codegen, but gotta celebrate one victory at a time 😅
That is wonderful to hear! 🎉
And thank you so much for all your feedback and help!
In fact all the discussions in here and all the stuff that was changing in the documentation throughout the time was so helpful that at some point, since I had let my branch grow very stale and the rest of the team members had done a lot of changes in some other parts of the code, I scratched that branch and started a new one going over the migration guide again. The second time around it was so pleasant, basically the only thing that held me back was our unorthodox testing setup that I had to adapt somehow. Aside from that it was mostly just following the steps and then a couple of bug fixes here and there from the stuff I was reporting 😄 I am sure the people doing this migration now will have an even easier time since I believe that migration guide is very well made and more battle tested now 😄
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Thanks for sharing and thanks for the feedbacks 🙂
PS: on that original issue about logging not being in 3.0,I stumbled into that is a very good rationalisation of the original intent 🙂
Yeah I happened to read that myself as well. It makes so much sense when you think about it. And in our context it’s instead of an event, “just” another item in the chain of interceptors and you got an easy logger. So flexible.