# multiplatform

Jonathan Ellis

07/11/2022, 8:47 PM
I'm using a 3rd party library ("kbox2d") that I published to maven local. Trying to build my project that has kbox2d as a dependency, I get
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> Task :compileCommonMainKotlinMetadata FAILED
e: java.lang.IllegalStateException: e: Could not find "C:\Users\Jonathan Ellis\Documents\essaie1-js\build\kotlinSourceSetMetadata\commonMain\com.soywiz.korlibs.kbox2d-kbox2d\com.soywiz.korlibs.kbox2d-kbox2d-commonMain.klib" in [C:\Users\Jonathan Ellis\AppData\Local\kotlin\daemon]
This looks very much like, except I get this with gradle commandline as well as in intellij. I verified that the file it's looking for is in fact in the first directory mentioned. Is there a workaround to stop it from looking in AppData\Local\kotlin\daemon ? ETA: I can use the library fine for the JVM-only components, it's when I add it to commonMain that it causes problems.