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Zoltan Demant

07/15/2022, 5:13 AM
Are multipreview annotations broken in Canary 8 of Android Studio? I keep getting
Only composable methods can be annotated with Preview
. Usage in 🧵
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@Preview(group = "Wear")
annotation class WearPreview

Chris Sinco [G]

07/15/2022, 5:17 AM
cc @amaury

Zoltan Demant

07/15/2022, 5:38 AM
Sorry, seems to be an issue with Showkase! Right now, the Showkase process throws an exception of "Only composable methods can be annotated with Preview" upon seeing a custom annotation annotated with

Stylianos Gakis

07/15/2022, 9:38 AM
Maybe worth either pinging the library author or making an issue on GitHub so that he’s aware? Sounds like a pretty important thing to fix if it’s broken for the entire Canary 8 AS version.

Zoltan Demant

07/15/2022, 10:34 AM
@Stylianos Gakis it's been reported already, I was just too lazy to include the link to it here 🙈
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Vinay Gaba

07/15/2022, 8:03 PM
I have this on my radar! Just need to spend some time in removing this check. Multi preview support is going to be a substantial project but I want to start by at least removing this validation check and unblocking y'all. I'll have that done this weekend or something!
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