Now that the compiler is decoupled: Why does it st...
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Now that the compiler is decoupled: Why does it still take so long until a kotlin 1.7.10 release gets shipped? • 8.6: Kotlin 1.7.10 release • 8.6: KSP compatible release This reads to me like compose would now also release within the first few days after a minor kotlin release
until the releases pick up, you can get a 1.7.10-compatible compose compiler plugin here
Do you know if these releases stay published?
I don't know specifically how this one is managed, but that is typically assumed to be true of maven repositories.
There's some new codegen in the compiler plugin that isn't related to the Kotlin version update that we'd like to verify the stability of
How about patching the latest stable release on the same day as the Kotlin release and using minor versions to iterate on the actual implementation?