Dariusz Kuc

    Dariusz Kuc

    2 months ago
    Hello 👋 Any suggestions on how one would go around debugging
    org.jetbrains.kotlin.util.KotlinFrontEndException: Front-end Internal error: Failed to analyze declaration Variables
    File being compiled: (35,3) in <Foo.kt>
    The root cause java.lang.AssertionError was thrown at: org.jetbrains.kotlin.resolve.lazy.descriptors.LazyClassDescriptor.getModality(
    Caused by: java.lang.AssertionError: Recursion detected in a lazy value under LockBasedStorageManager@2f5a443e (TopDownAnalyzer for JVM)
    It blows up on something that "shouldn't" blow up, i.e.
    public data class Variables(
      public val simpleCriteria: SimpleArgumentInput? = null,
    public data class SimpleArgumentInput(
      public val max: Double? = null,
      public val min: Double? = null,
      public val newName: String? = null,
    kotlinJvmTargetVersion = 1.8
    kotlinVersion = 1.6.21
    kotlinCoroutinesVersion = 1.6.1
    kotlinxSerializationVersion = 1.3.2
    running on M1 mac
    Gradle 7.4
    JVM 11.0.15 (Eclipse Adoptium 11.0.15+10)
    wondering whether it is some conflict between Spring Boot and serialization plugin
    it is SpringBoot plugin issue... this works fine from Ktor server

    Adam S

    2 months ago
    What's the full
    , with imports? I'm curious what's on line 35
    Dariusz Kuc

    Dariusz Kuc

    2 months ago
    Thats the
    data class