Hi, i got some design idea to implement an activit...
# compose-wear
Hi, i got some design idea to implement an activity chooser with compose wear. It may be done with a ScalingLazyColumn, and i will need an overlay over it to add optional nav button. Can you give me some suggestions how to implement such overlay with compose wear? or is there any other way to achieve this design?
With view system, i would have put the two nav button in a relative layout. Is it possible to combine box with ScalingLazyColumn to achieve this fish eye like result? Thanks for any hints.
Interesting - off the top of my head without prototyping I would be thinking of having multiple z-layers of SLC stacked with a large gap between items on the bottom SLC and snap enabled and user scroll effectively disabled. Then on the top layer a SLC that is the size of the screen (so no scolling) and 5 items arranged so that the buttons are in the gaps