Debanshu Datta

12/22/2022, 8:32 AM
Hello👋, I am trying to build a side project and scale it up to a startup. I want to blog about my journey(Attached link below). So I was thinking of using Ktor/SpringBoot as the backend of my choice. I am mostly a mobile dev not much into designing a backend system but ready to learn. I have finalised MVP. • Budgeting templates: Users can choose from pre-designed budget templates or create their own custom budget. • Spending tracking: Users can input their daily or monthly expenses to track their spending and see how it compares to their budget. • Bill reminders: Users can set up alerts to remind them when bills are due. • Savings goals: Users can set savings goals and track their progress towards achieving them. • Security: The app should prioritize the security and privacy of user data, including using strong encryption and secure servers to protect against data breaches. I am open to suggestions on database opinions, auth services, and overall system design. though I want to over-engineer the stuff but still want this to be achievable. So thanks for the help strangers🙏.
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