I'm porting some coroutines-based tests from 1.5.0...
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I'm porting some coroutines-based tests from 1.5.0 to 1.6.4 and one of those tests requires a custom Dispatcher. However, I can't find a way to implement the same behaviour with the new test APIs, as I can't extend
, and I can't wrap it. How would one do it?
I'd add, I also can't create a TestCoroutineScheduler as it's a closed class and there is no interface to implement, either
How did you write those tests initially? If you're using a custom dispatcher, why do you want to extend the test dispatcher or test coroutines scheduler? Why can't you just use your existing code for this test?
I didn't, that's another issue. I'm fixing up somebody else's tests 😄
And I can't just use the existing code cause the API they use have been removed in the meantime (I would obviously not have had to chang the tests if everything were fine)
Hi! I'd do something like this:
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From f6fbc81476e8b900b8e38795e5d78cf3321623b6 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Dmitry Khalanskiy <Dmitry.Khalanskiy@jetbrains.com>
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2022 13:40:01 +0100
Subject: [PATCH] Modify NonpreciseTestCoroutineDispatcher not implement a

 .../kotlin/org/jetbrains/skiko/FrameLimiterTest.kt | 14 +++++---------
 1 file changed, 5 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)

diff --git a/skiko/src/jvmTest/kotlin/org/jetbrains/skiko/FrameLimiterTest.kt b/skiko/src/jvmTest/kotlin/org/jetbrains/skiko/FrameLimiterTest.kt
index c95ae4cd..faaed8b3 100644
--- a/skiko/src/jvmTest/kotlin/org/jetbrains/skiko/FrameLimiterTest.kt
+++ b/skiko/src/jvmTest/kotlin/org/jetbrains/skiko/FrameLimiterTest.kt
@@ -247,21 +247,17 @@ class FrameLimiterTest {
     private fun runFrameTest(
         delayPrecisionMillis: Long,
         block: suspend TestCoroutineScope.() -> Unit
-    ) = runBlockingTest{
-        val dispatcher = NonpreciseTestCoroutineDispatcher(delayPrecisionMillis)
-        dispatcher.pauseDispatcher()
-        val scope = TestCoroutineScope(dispatcher)
-        scope.launch {
-            scope.block()
+    ) = runBlockingTest {
+        withContext(NonpreciseTestCoroutineDispatcher(delayPrecisionMillis)) {
+            block()
-        dispatcher.advanceUntilIdle()
     private class NonpreciseTestCoroutineDispatcher(
         private val delayPrecisionMillis: Long,
         private val original: TestCoroutineDispatcher = TestCoroutineDispatcher()
-    ) : CoroutineDispatcher(), Delay, DelayController by original {
+    ) : CoroutineDispatcher(), Delay {
         override fun dispatch(context: CoroutineContext, block: Runnable) {
             original.dispatch(context, block)
@@ -271,4 +267,4 @@ class FrameLimiterTest {
             original.scheduleResumeAfterDelay(delay, continuation)
\ No newline at end of file
This approach should work just as well and doesn't require the wrapper to also be a test dispatcher.
Just in case: this is a
Thanks 🙏
@Dmitry Khalanskiy [JB] if I were to use the newer, non-deprecated (but experimental)
API instead of the deprecated
, this wouldn't work though. Is that something that is even possible, out of curiosity?
Cause this test file is all full of deprecated stuff, and I have fixed other tests to use the newer
API... it's annoying me a bit that I have to use the deprecated API 🙂
Sure, after the proposed change, replace all the deprecated stuff with the corresponding non-deprecated things (
etc), and everything should still work. Just make sure to pass the
to a newly-constructed
. Sorry for being brief, I'm on a vacation and typing from my phone.
Thanks, I'll try 🙂