Anyone else have an issue with Compose for Desktop...
# compose-desktop
Anyone else have an issue with Compose for Desktop Preview where after switching between a few different `@Preview`s the pane becomes 'stuck' and won't switch to any others? The only way I've found to recover is to restart the IDE. No errors are surfaced to the UI. • IntelliJ 2022.3.1 • Compose 1.2.1
any clues in
Ah, yep, there's an error there - relevant lines being:
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2023-01-03 13:18:41,984 [2993900]   INFO - STDERR - Exception in thread "DisconnectableInputStream source reader" org.gradle.api.UncheckedIOException: java.nio.channels.AsynchronousCloseException
2023-01-03 13:18:41,984 [2993900]   INFO - STDERR - 	at org.gradle.internal.UncheckedException.throwAsUncheckedException(
All the subsequent attempts to preview end up throwing that same error. I'll YouTrack it 👌