The latest addition to <Aurora> - color selector b...
# compose-desktop
The latest addition to Aurora - color selector button. The functionality includes: 1. Dynamic / live preview as the mouse moves over color cells in the dropdown 2. Single row color section, multi-row color section with derived colors 3. Recents color section sorted by most-recently used 4. Support for additional commands. In this example, the top row is wired to select / preview a default dark grey color, and the bottom row is wired to show Swing’s
and process the selected AWT color on the Compose side
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The code behind this demo is available here
I looked at Aurora, but I had trouble understanding the different architecture behind it. I assumed it would be 'just' Compose components, but now there are Projections and Commands. I haven't looked to deeply into it, but to me it sounds like I need to add another layer, whereas I hoped to just use Composables. But maybe I misunderstand.
The approach behind it is documented in the links available from the main readme file