I guess everyone is happy managing their resumes i...
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I guess everyone is happy managing their resumes in MS Word or LibreOffice Writer... But, wouldn't it be better to manage it as data and code? specially if the code is in Kotlin... Check this project out to see how: https://github.com/hexagonkt/codecv
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LaTeX is code and great for type setting. 😉
LaTeX is great, but I see it as the presentation layer... having the data and the presentation separated gives you benefits also 🙂
Data and presentation is separated in LaTeX, it works just like HTML. You mark up the data and define centrally what that means for the presentation. Of course – just like in HTML – you can botch it by throwing presentation into your data.
Seems like this is really mostly about the JSON, in that case it could actually be combined with LaTeX. 🙂
What I typically struggling with is including the past projects that are most relevant to the job description. So it would be nice to have a solution that allows for meta-tags linked to past work experience and include only those that match the job at hand (using of course Kotlin collection filters 😉)
If there is enough interest, I would work on more features... Exposing the CV as an API to create custom views is one. I.e.: generating a CV with this url
... Thanks for your feedback!