Hi everyone, I hope you had a nice Christmas break...
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Hi everyone, I hope you had a nice Christmas break! Just to confirm my assumption, this doesn't work at all right? https://developer.android.com/training/wearables/user-input/physical-buttons. I have also tried with
but both the emulator back button and swipe to go back doesn't trigger anything
Hi Florent - I am not sure exactly what you are trying so not sure whether it works or not. Give us more details and maybe we can provide some input - @Jamie Garside [G] FYI for wear-input
Are you talking about this
Wear OS 3.0 reserves two buttons for the OS, in contrast to Wear OS 2.0 which reserved only one. This reduces the number of buttons you can assign actions to.
So I guess now you can't use any button anymore?
You should be able to use one button if the watch has three buttons (like Montblanc), but that's a subset of watches. Both Pixel Watch and Samsung Galaxy watch have only two hardware buttons
The worst part is that a month ago I managed to have it working unfortunately I don't remember how ­čś×
on Wear 3? or previous Wear versions
Wear 3, Samsung watch
Ah I found, it works only with Samsung watch using the second button