Where the new compose release docs released before...
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Where the new compose release docs released before the artifacts or is there a publish issue that will be fixed later?
They were always synced for as long as I remember hence the ask in case something changed.
they're there now, btw
both the artifacts and documentation are usually released on an embargo that times out at the same time
but problems in both mean you can get a split-brain problem. it's even worse (in terms of amount of things to coordinate) with Android Studio
they showed up at 25903 for me which probably means the artifact embargo was set to noon PST and the documentation was set to 11AM. who knows which was wrong. for a long time it was 9am PST but i guess that changed
Thanks for the details probably a small change. So many wanted fixes in that release and facing timezone to race the week end after. Anyway testing and seeing issues trying to figure out if it's compose or R8 :(