It's my proejct! The quality may be low because I ...
# kotlin-multiplatform-contest
It's my proejct! The quality may be low because I started last week and submitted it yesterday, but Please enjoy it! 😄
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Awesome! What platforms are supported?
As I see Desktop and Android. Any plans to support iOS?
We're doing several KMM projects in our Student Labs. KMM/iOS is a tricky topic. We put a lot of effort to its exploring and have a good progress here. I understand how KMM/iOS can be hard in the beggining. If you’re just starting with that, feel free to ping me. We can share good starter template and advice based on our experience.
Oh, that sounds great! When I started this project, I didn't consider the iOS platform because I didn't have a good idea to specialize in iOS native features and I had developed a simple login application in swift + snap kit just once before. But if you can give advice and share your experience about KMM/iOS with me, I think I will develop for the iOS platform! I'm interest it.