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Alexandre A Barbosa

01/16/2023, 8:30 PM
Hi team. please: is it possible to disable Kafka during my unit tests? I’ve created a class with a method using
annotation and when I run the functional tests, I produce a protobuf topic message and the listener works properly to consume that message. But my unit test need to test this method, and I am using this:
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lateinit var ingestionListener: IngestionConsumerListener
to inject my listener and I want to test this method but without the Kafka in memory. But the test is trying to load the Kafka because I am getting this:
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Could not resolve placeholder '' in value "#{'${}'}"
that is used in my implementation:
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    id = "ingestionListener",
    topics = ["#{'\${}'}"],
    groupId = "#{'\${}'}",
    concurrency = "#{'\${ingestion.config.consumer.concurrency}'}"
fun consumeIngestion(ingestionHttpRequest: ConsumerRecord<String, IngestionHttpRequest.HttpRequest>)
I am trying to use this kind of solution for my first unit test using Kotlin and Kafka:
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@EnableAutoConfiguration(exclude = [KafkaAutoConfiguration::class])
but I am still struggling with the error above… Please any suggestion to fix that? How to test a kafka listener using Java/Kotlin without Kafka in memory?
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Emil Kantis

01/16/2023, 8:49 PM
This has nothing to do with mockk, nor Kotlin really.. Better place to ask is one of the Spring gitter channels or StackOverflow. Also, please refrain from crossposting the same message on multiple channels. It is considered spamming.