How do I center something in parent and then draw ...
# compose
How do I center something in parent and then draw something next to it? if it were a
then obviously the center would be in the middle of the two, which is not what I want Only a custom layout? (Am I basically thinking of RelativeLayout?)
a custom layout seems the best approach. You could use
and adjust the 2nd view based on the info from the 1st, but that's not the way I'd go
Hmm yea, or hacky way could be to put a spacer in the Row to act as counterweight. which then would center the center thing, LL CCCC SS
What is the “draw something next to it”? A canvas, a composable with interactable content in it, an image?
Its just a Button with CircularProgressIndicator and Text, where I want the text centered, not their combined width
Compose constraint layout can do that, but too overkilling. Maybe add a square box that has the same size with indicator to the other side of the text
A custom layout can also do it easily imo
yea, thanks!