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01/20/2023, 12:20 AM
I am wanting to setup a meta adapter that will let me break down then try different qualifiers for a given property. Wondering if I am hitting the limits of the language here. It would seem you can't do any arbitrary annotation as an input? (Ideally you could tell it only other JsonQualifier annotated annotations, but that is sort of secondary here)
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annotation class WithFallback(
    vararg val qualifiers: Annotation
context: github has json that is inconsistent between different types of webhook payloads. accident of history i suspect.
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"created_at": 1459436810
"created_at": "2023-01-12T22:40:19Z"
Ideally it would looks something like this in usage.
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@WithFallback(qualifiers = [ISOZonedDateTime(), EpochMillis()]) val created_at: ZonedDateTime,
I suspect I may need to just do this all flat. roughly
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@WithFallback @ISOZonedDateTime @EpochMillis val created_at: ZonedDateTime,
Screw trying to generalize that behavior. it is getting a one off adapter and qualifier