I have a large (kotlin) Android app that I want to...
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I have a large (kotlin) Android app that I want to migrate to Compose. It’s currently using Material 2. Would you recommend first migrating to Material 3 before migrating to Compose? 1️⃣ Material 3 first 2️⃣ Compose first
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I would definitely go for compose first, it will be a lot less of a hassle in my experience than switching xmls to xmls
adding material 3 compose later is a comparatively easy step
Ok so that vote was more than comprehensive lol. The reason I asked is because the material 3 compose library seems to have more advanced composables, and I don’t want to be writing workarounds on top of Material 2 composables. For example
in Material 3 only.
To be honest, to me it feels like google is slowly abandoning material 2, so features will get delayed more
But isn’t that an argument in favour of migrating to Material 3 first (since that’s a well established path)?
In my opinion the transition to compose is already a large refactor, I would just do both steps at once - but then again, I don’t know your specific design constraints