Hello :wave: I need to implement auto refresh of A...
# multiplatform
Hello 👋 I need to implement auto refresh of API call(s) every 5 and 30 mins. I am doing Kotlin mobile multiplatform with Android and iOS. I don’t want to auto refresh call if there is nobody who will consume data, that sounds like a waste of resources. What ideas do you have to solve something like that?
Coroutines. One way is using SharedFlow, you’ll have access to the subscriber count and you can start or stop operations based on that. For example you can run a coroutine that will run a loop that triggers your updates eg
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myScope.launch {
    .map { it > 0 }
    .collect { hasNewSubscribers -> toggleRefreshOnOrOff(hasNewSubscribers) }
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myScope.launch { // coroutine to refresh
  var tick = 0
  while(true) {
    val duration = when(count++ mod 2) {
      0 -> 5.minutes
      1 -> 30.minutes
or something like that
I am also interested. How does threading work in a situation like this? If you do withContext(Dispatchers.IO) does the ios implementation handle thread switching like native swift?
Thanks @efemoney that gave me a good hint for one possible solution Thank you 👍