Hello backend Kotlin developers! I am opening a p...
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Hello backend Kotlin developers! I am opening a position with my backend development group at locals.com / rumble.com: [REMOTE in CANADA, LATIN AMERICA, or USA preferred, will consider parts of Europe/Africa] Hiring a senior backend developer to work in a pure greenfield Kotlin backend system for locals.com. High scale (10's of millions of active users), not for beginners. You have background in tech like Quarkus / Micronaut / SpringBoot / KTOR, JOOQ, Memcache/Redis (or KeyDB, Dragonfly), SQL data stores (such as MySQL or PostgreSQL and/or sharded variants Vitess / Citus), analytics stores (such as Druid or Clickhouse), and new SQL (such as CockroachDB, TiDB, or Yugabyte). Your SQL skills are SQL 2003+ not SQL '92. You have JVM language experience and are comfortable and are a fan of Kotlin. You have a strong background in backend development in more than just dynamic languages. You might not have this whole list but you know why each tech exists and what it might be used for, and solid experience in some of those listed. Contact me here in direct message, or at jayson@locals.com