The new JavaScript IR compiler is taking significa...
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The new JavaScript IR compiler is taking significantly longer to compile than the LEGACY version on multiplatform projects. For example, on LEGACY, the compilation takes roughly 4-30 seconds depending on the changes made while on IR it nearly always takes 4+ minutes. Has anyone encountered this when upgrading recently?
I just recently migrated to kotlin 1.8.0 and I haven hit 1 minute compilation time. While doing TDD. How ever we have a lot of submodules which does open up doors for parallel compilation, so maybe thats the benefit we are getting
Either your project is massive, or there's something wrong with your setup... I use Kotlin/JS IR in multiple small–medium scale projects with continuous compilation and it rarely takes longer than 20 seconds
I'm thinking that there's possibly something wrong with the setup since it's not too large. What kind of thing could cause this kind of delay when switching compilers?
Every time it gets stuck on the
task and sometimes
. It only gets stuck when I'm set to
. Could it be caused by the npm/wrapper dependencies? Here are my Kotlin configuration (I can post more if needed):