Sam Gammon

01/25/2023, 7:34 PM
hello friends of the Elide Project 🙂 I'm happy to announce that Elide finally has a website! 🥳 there is a short Getting Started guide along with (very thin) docs for using the Gradle plugin. More coming soon. Of course, the site itself is built with Elide. Read below for stats on the finished app.
Elide's new website is built with Elide Elide's website is designed to be a paragon example of an Elide React SSR application. It is designed to be extremely fast, cheap to run, and quick/fun to develop on. At the same time, it demoes use of the latest web standards, like CSPv3, Trusted Types, and more. Features of the site basically break down into Performance/Experience, Security, and Dev. Performance/Experience Native React SSR (
to see it working!) Nearly perfect WebPageTest score Excellent Core Web Vitals Builds to a native amd64 binary Dynamic caching of SSR output Pre-compressed Brotli and Gzip SSR Profile-Guided Optimization (PGO) with GraalVM EE CDN with CloudFlare Modern image formats (webp, avif) Favicon that automatically changes based on dark/light mode Alpine (
)-based binary and Docker image, in static mode Security CORP, COEP, CSPv3 Very strong CSP Script and source nonce sharing with JS VM A+ TLS rating Full suite of security headers DNSSEC Dev Builds as single optimized amd64 native binary Alpine-based Docker image (
if you want to try it out) Support for MDX via KotlinJS (very quick builds for site content) Plug-in support for customized
(for SSR target)
Stats about the Docker Image The Docker image is especially interesting. It is a
FROM scratch
image which only contains the application binary, there is no Linux kernel -- so the app's UI, JavaScript, CSS, images, and Kotlin server code are all packaged into one runnable unit. 0 detectable vulnerabilities in Docker image Built with Alpine Linux, GraalVM Completely static binary (
FROM scratch
) Size: 137.3MB (!)