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Does touch lab have any tooling for compose-ui-multiplatform code sharing. What I mean by that? KmmBridge shares compiled code(UI in swift) while KampKit consume Kotlin code but still uses swiftui too. There is a current limitation in ios that prevents the sharing of iOS Composable public APIs, every Composable in iOS shared lib has to be
. Not terrible but limits share-ability in the form of compiled static libraries. We can still share code, for example to consume shared Composables from a project A in a project B. I bring project A directory to project B and work in project B. If I have to change/fix something in A, I do it while working in project B, and commit the changes to A so other projects consuming A are up to date. No issue doing this process manually but wonder if you guys have some tooling for it? - I might need to check gitsubmodules
Outside of experiments like Droidcon, we're not heavily focused on Compose iOS right now. It's still really early and I'd be surprised if the limitations you mention don't get solved as JetBrains stabilizes things. Our tooling at the moment is more targeted toward production needs of today.
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Yeah I perfectly understand. In fact, this is a particular problem we are all aware of. I just got misled by one github issue where the answer from a JB team member indicated the use of internal as a final solution and closed the ticket. But I realized there is another ticket still open where another JB member says it will be fixed at some point. Sorry for the confusion. I keep copy/pasting the library to the projects that need it, kind of old days.