Does touch lab have any tooling for compose-ui-mul...
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Does touch lab have any tooling for compose-ui-multiplatform code sharing. What I mean by that? KmmBridge shares compiled code(UI in swift) while KampKit consume Kotlin code but still uses swiftui too. There is a current limitation in ios that prevents the sharing of iOS Composable public APIs, every Composable in iOS shared lib has to be
. Not terrible but limits share-ability in the form of compiled static libraries. We can still share code, for example to consume shared Composables from a project A in a project B. I bring project A directory to project B and work in project B. If I have to change/fix something in A, I do it while working in project B, and commit the changes to A so other projects consuming A are up to date. No issue doing this process manually but wonder if you guys have some tooling for it? - I might need to check gitsubmodules Thread in Slack Conversation