01/26/2023, 1:55 AM
Hi, here is KSP 1.8.0-1.0.9 release, it includes some new changes as well as a couple of bug fixes, please take a try and let us know if any questions! ## New Features ## * Supported definitely non null type * Added corresponding
for definitely non null types. * If you are implementing
directly, you need to override
in your visitor as well. *
is added to Gradle extensions to allow excluding certain processors. *
is added to unbounded type parameters ## Issues fixed ## * Incremental compilation fails with “Number of loaded files in snapshots differs” #1280 * Type T & Any can’t be analyzed even in the latest version. #1127 * Can’t differentiate between @A(int.class) and @A(Integer.class) #870 * Non-embeddable compiler JAR compilations are broken in 1.0.7 #1155 * Need a way to specify and exclude processors #1234 * Bug of KSPropertyDeclaration.findOverridee() #1182 * KSTypeParameter#bounds returns <ERROR TYPE> when the bounds is another type parameter #1250 * Resolved KSTypeParameter doesn’t equal the source #971 ## Contributors ## Thanks for your contributions! @3flex @danysantiago

Ting-Yuan Huang

01/31/2023, 5:33 AM
One more thing about this release: generated sources are now registered through Kotlin Gradle Plugin. Workarounds to make the IDE aware of generated codes are no longer needed. I haven't tried other IDEs yet, but it works for me on IntelliJ and Android Studio :D