# serialization

Dariusz Kuc

01/26/2023, 2:03 AM
Hello 👋 I'm hitting whenever I got both spring boot and kotlinx-serialization plugins applied to a project. Based on Spring docs it should be supported so just wondering what I might be missing. This is the class that blows up (complains about
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public const val HELLO_WORLD_QUERY: String =
    "query HelloWorldQuery(${'$'}name: String) {\n  helloWorld(name: ${'$'}name)\n}"

public class HelloWorldQuery(
  public override val variables: HelloWorldQuery.Variables,
) : GraphQLClientRequest<HelloWorldQuery.Result> {
  public override val query: String = HELLO_WORLD_QUERY

  public override val operationName: String = "HelloWorldQuery"

  public override fun responseType(): KClass<HelloWorldQuery.Result> = HelloWorldQuery.Result::class

  public data class Variables(
    public val name: String? = null,

  public data class Result(
    public val helloWorld: String,
Any ideas what I might be missing? Code compiles fine if I don't apply spring plugins -- edit --- dropped optional input wrappers to simplify the example code (still blows up)
it appears that removing Kotlin Spring Boot plugin (i.e. the one that opens up the classes) fixes the issue and you can use
plugins. depending on the size of the project this might be somewhat annoying to have to manually open up all the components